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I hope you had a pretty awesome weekend and are ready for what the next week brings up.

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What’s the Alternative to Firefox?

I have been a Firefox user for the past few years, but this question has me thinking now what will happen if I had to leave Firefox too for one or the other reasons mentioned in the post.

Letter Case on the Web

Loved this from Jim. For quite a long time I used to think that why use toUpperCase from JavaScript when we have a lighter variant available in CSS already which does the same thing, but apparently there is a good reason and difference on why these two have something very distinct and one should be aware about what they actually want before opting either solution.

A little known Media Query: Aspect Ratio

I didn't know this existed and was even more shocked when I saw the browser support which says it has been around since IE9 days.

How many people with disabilities use our site?

We probably don’t need to know how many people with disabilities use our sites, as regardless of what that number would be, we should want to build accessible sites, for many ethical, legal and business reasons.

This is a pretty nice write-up on why we shouldn't worry about it.

Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs

I was totally in love with this post. So many things people do with their websites. I really encourage you to look into this and see what all you can do with your website.

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Terms of Service didn't read

Most people including me ignore reading Terms of Service and push the Accept buttons quickly, but have you ever wondered what is inside that?

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