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Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing great. Last week I got a new keyboard(again) and spent the weekend building and playing with it, and as a result got late for this.

Now for last week's updates I changed the name of this to correctly reflect what it is and with that, I will keep finding and sharing fun stuff with you all.

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A Stunning New Mastercard Ad Uses Accessible Marketing to Center People Who Are Visually Impaired

Absolutely in love with this ad and I wish that one day it becomes the reality of our world. A place where these things become a normal and people don't have to feel that they are being treated differently as they are not the same as the majority.

Contra Chrome

A scary webcomic which shows you all the privacy nightmares that google is working on and what seems to be like their ultimate motive.

Loved going through it, and I've been guilty of this too. I'm often afraid what people will think if they saw the stupid things I did/write in the past, but in reality it helps to see how far you've come in your journey and what you've lost from the time you did those things, as you don't always gain as you age you lose some things too and that's the point of those archives.

The Inevitability of Connecting Everything

This looks scary, yet I can see all of these things mentioned in this happening in the near future.

The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal

A pretty nice guide to terminal for a front-end developer towards terminal.

Blogging and the heat death of the universe

This is the second law of thermodynamics made clear on the web: the entropy of any isolated system always increases and, at some point or another, all that’s left of a website is the markup.

This was a pretty interesting read for me, and it very nicely outlines a problem with modern-day websites that if they are not going to face link rot, then they are going to end up dead because of third-party dependencies.

The evolution of salt

History of salt, and its harmful effects on human body. It was quite an insightful read and I learned a lot of fascinating stuff about salt and its harmful effects on human body.

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If you have been a Ted Lasso fan like me, I'm sure you'll love it and if you aren't, it's time for you to go and watch Ted Lasso.

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