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Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a pretty amazing weekend, mine certainly was a very busy one this time. Now back to the interesting stuff. I'm trying some new things with this one, hope you'll like it and would love to hear if you've any feedback.

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Why Computers Won’t Make Themselves Smarter

We fear and yearn for β€œthe singularity.” But it will probably never come.

We've all imagined and fear a future where machines will rule over us, but this is a fascinating take on why that will never become the case.

Thoughts on Exerting Control With Media Queries

A new tool and some thoughts about how we use media queries and what we can do to improve the usage through our website.

What if... one day everything got better?

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What if one day all of these errors get fixed, everything becomes magically accessible. Well, that day is not even close, but there are things you can do to improve that as a developer and this post is about them.

UA gotta be kidding

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This one is about User Agent strings and what is inside it.

Design Systems Aren't Cheap

I'm sure most of us we developers have thought of building a design system and maintaining it, but this one points out the right things and shows how much it may end up costing you and at the end there is a possible alternative tool which you can use to build your design system.

In defense of simple architectures

Simple architectures work and scale because well they are simple and just works. A very interesting read on how simple architecture just works, and you might not need to unnecessarily complicate things.

my website is one binary

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Go build your own website in all the weird ways you can, if anything it will bring you some joy, and you'll be happier.

Don’t Play It Like the Flute

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Very fascinating read on how Hans Zimmer approached the creation of tunes for Dune and what you can learn from that.

The truth is, the modern web is still alive. the modern web is still alive when it should be dying.

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I added a screenshot for the convenience, but I loved looking at the website and figuring out the stuff and will recommend you to do the same.

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