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Hello Everyone, I hope you're all doing great. My week was also great though I'm still trying to get this back to Monday routine and terribly failing at that each week, hopefully next time you get to read this with on a nice Monday morning. With that said, let's start today's edition with some great stuff.

πŸ“š To Read

100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying This has so many great advices that you can actually use without trying too hard.

Peeled Cardboard Adds Corrugated Dimension to Javier PΓ©rez’s Clever Illustrations These cardboard illustrations were weirdly interesting for me. I'm sure you'll also find them appealing.

Why We Use β€œlol” So Much Have you ever wondered why we use lol so much? If not, here's a history lesson for you.

Programmable Notes

What if we started to think about note-taking systems as active agents, rather than receptacles?

Picture perfect images with the modern <img> element

You may not think about images as part of your web dev work, but they can affect your web app's performance more than any other part of your code.

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#100CoolWebMoments Interesting things that have happened for web since the release of Google Chrome

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