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Hello everyone,

Finally, back to writing this one. It took me a long time to stop procrastinating and writing, and feeling tired the whole last week didn't help much. But it's finally here, and I've some super interesting stuff for you to read. I'll be keeping this one short as to get back to my Monday morning routine.

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What is the Web?

I've been working on web for quite some time and never really thought properly about it, but this explains it really well

The Web Doesn’t Have Version Numbers

With all the web3 and stuff going around, this is something that I wish more people are aware about. To sum it up in one line.

There is no institution that regularly releases new versions of the web, and recently happily announced this one.


The second point here is pretty much my story of why I started this newsletter and eventually, I'll go down the blogging path as well. So relatable.

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use This is something for your bookmarks, and I'm sure even if you've been working on the web for some time you'll find some exciting stuff in this one.

Towards a Taxonomy of Twitter Tropes Like always, Terence is remarkable with his words again. Here they define different types of Twitter users which fits most if not all the patterns going around the place.

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Beautiful videos from the driver’s eye view of Britain’s railway journeys Someone recently told me about train travel videos being a thing on YouTube and once I looked into it, I was completely hooked on to it and this is probably the best stuff related to trains that I've seen so far.

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