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I have been on vacation the whole last week and as a result missed publishing the last edition.

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My Dev Content Creation Journey and Tips for Starting Yours
If you have been interested in writing but never managed to start, then this might be a good read for you.

The Joys and Sorrows of Maintaining a Personal Website
I'm certain if you've maintained a personal website at any point of time, then you will relate very well with this.

The Most Influential Website of All Time
This is hilarious and interesting at the same time I never knew about the website but now that I got to know about it then it does feel interesting.

The cost of opinion
Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 22-07-53 The cost of opinion.png

These lines are much better to sum this up than anything I could've added

Unblocking Your Writing Blocks, Or: Debunking the Reasons That Keep You from Writing Your First Blog Post Today.
This is the first blog in this series I believe and this is something that I mostly deal while writing this newsletter and other stuff that I try to do. I'm working on getting out of these and being able to put out more content, and I'm certain that this will help you too if you're stuck with something similar.

Make it boring
Boring is simple, and simple is best when you're creating experiences for users. As engineers, we tend to over-engineer things, but more often than not there was a simpler and more useful way possible that we didn't choose and ended up with a worse experience for users.

Celebrate tiny learning milestones
This is so spot on. Always keep celebrating your littlest milestones, they might not feel significant currently, but eventually, they will be the memorable pieces of your journey.

11 Pieces of Advice
I can't recommend this enough. All of these are pure gold and while I don't do many things until now but I'm already working on improving those for myself and from my tiny experience I've learned that these things do benefit.

The problem with reinvented wheels

I rant about this tendency all the time, but inventing the wheel again isn't bad as such. After all, the wheel had to be reinvented a few times over the past two centuries or so. For trains. For cars. For tank threads. So why all the discontent when people do the same thing in IT?

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If you're someone like me who likes to fill their laptop with stickers, then I'm sure you're going to like this.

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