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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 10th edition of this newsletter which, I thought, was going to be the last one, but I've decided to continue it as I like sharing this stuff with you all. So for my updates I'll be taking a vacation and will be writing next edition from Uttarakhand. And let's get on to the interesting stuff.

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Run your day, don’t let the day run you
A fascinating read with an intriguing approach on how you organize your workflow to get the most out of your day.

Give Yourself Permission to Be Creative
I rarely watch this sort of videos, but I really liked this one and loved the advice on trying something different, something new which you may love it, or you may not.

Are tech interviews broken — or is the cruelty the point?
Loved reading the whole thing, and it might give you some insight on why tech interviews are the way they are, even if a lot of us feel they are broken.

Sci-Hub, the site for pirated academic papers, is on trial in India
This has brought me to think once again is piracy really that bad or there are some good things about it as well.

Say Hello to selectmenu, a Fully Style-able select Element
A new HTML element is coming which allows you to make custom dropdowns, and good news for every developer who has attempted to style the dropdown and eventually resorted to a popup of some sorts to only realize later that now they need to make it accessible as well.

How Websites Die
It's something I wish had a more reliable solution, but this is a real issue, something which needs more attention. Wayback Machine does some things to maintain an archive of websites, but I feel that this is not enough and there should be some way by which people can ensure that their websites stay forever even when they are gone.

Goodreads lost all of my reviews
Another one of those examples which screams own your content. If you're doing anything online maybe writing a review, blog, journal, etc. and you want that the content should always be there then always make sure that you always have a copy that you own yourself. No platform is going to stay forever and more importantly stupid things can will happen which can make you lose the content or make it in accessible to you.

Write Plain Text Files
Another fascinating viewpoint. To summarize, you should always note your stuff in plain text because that is one format that you can count on will work everywhere irrespective of platform or time.

The Joys and Sorrows of Maintaining a Personal Website
I'm sure by this time if you have ever maintained a personal website then you probably know what to expect, and if not I will suggest you to read this.

on learning to be slow
An excellent approach on habit formation, one which I learned when I read Atomic Habits and has worked well for me for various things.

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Should I deploy today
I'm sure you will find it fascinating.

😃 Something that made me smile


Amidst all the terrible pics and news from Ukraine, this puts my belief back into humanity and shows the beautiful side of humans.

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