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Hello Everyone,

We already are in the ninth week of 2022 which also means that this is the penultimate edition of this newsletter as I promised myself that I'll be doing at least 10 editions for this one. These few editions have made me realize what I need to do more and what I don't, and thus with those things in mind I'll continue this on my website. With all this, let's get back to the usual stuff.

πŸ“š To Read

SPAs were a mistake

SPAs are pretty much the default option for building websites and while there are places where they can actually benefit, but that is not the case for most websites out there.

Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually

Comic Sans has always been ridiculed for being a not so aesthetic font and using it in projects is often taken as a joke but is it really that bad or are there some actual use case where it can benefit?

5 Accessibility Quick Wins You Can Implement Today

Some tips that you can add to your websites today and make them more accessible for your users

How to make MPAs that are as fast as SPAs

This is a follow-up on the first link and explains what you can do to make your MPAs perform similar to SPAs.

What does it mean to run your own servers?

A satirical post by Terence Eden which explains how far are you will have to go if you want to run your own servers.

Thoughts on trying again

What will you tell to your teenage self if you could go back. And this question made me think a lot when I read the post, and I love the simple answer that is β€œTry Again”.

πŸ”­ To Explore

Map of Reddit

Something really amazing to explore. Not much to do but love the way it makes the connections and help find related Subreddits.

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