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Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had an outstanding week and are excited about the end of winters.

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Working Better: Interview with web designer Brad Frost
Some really great tips from Brad Frost about how to take care of yourself during work and to have a better work-life balance

What using RSS feeds feels like
This is a must-read if you are not aware about RSS. RSS is such a wonderful and yet underutilized thing in the web community that there are times when I wonder how did it take so long for me to discover RSS and why are not more people using it.

A Recipe to Your Own Home-Coded Personal Website
Some nice points on why you should've your website and how to get started and build one for yourself.

The existential terror of LinkedIn
This is probably the most hilarious thing that I've read in the whole week, and I truly agree with the sentiment.

β€œSolving” Misinformation
This is such an important thing in the modern world that every social media platform is trying to solve it, but you should read it to understand how and why this is such a big issue and what makes it probably insolvable.

Bits Of London That Look A Bit Like Body Parts
This is pretty interesting, and I never thought a city can be imagined this way.

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