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The Kobayashi Maru of Comparing Dates with Times
A fascinating read on dates and timezones and how we deal with them in programming

Hello, CSS Cascade Layers
CSS Layers are finally coming to stable browsers and if you have been ignoring it so far, then this might be a good time to catch up and get a good read on what is it all about.

Why Safari does not need any protection from Chromium
A fascinating read on browser diversity and why people or Safari doesn't need to worry about a world filled with Chromium only browsers.

The web is a miracle

not everything has to be a business, or financialized in any way. Those things are not prerequisites for impact or success.

Before I go: When it comes to complaining about web browsers
An excellent post from Dave about browsers and what all it takes for something to become a feature in a browser, and why saying _____ is the new IE doesn't help further the conversation.

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OSS Love
Celebrating your valentine by sending a token of appreciation to your favorite Open-Source developer.

Awesome astrophotography from the South Downs
An outstanding collection of astrophotography from South Downs

In case you're also tired of paywalled articles, then this might be interesting for you.

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