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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a great week. Mine certainly wasn't an excellent one Covid finally caught us, and it was terrible but thanks to vaccines it was terrible only for a couple of days. And with this, let's start the coming week on a good note.

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Inclusive Design

Inclusive design describes methodologies to create products that understand and enable people of all backgrounds and abilities. It may address accessibility, age, economic situation, geographic location, language, race, and more.

How to progressively enhance a nav menu

A lot of folks assume that progressive enhancement means having to write the same code twice, but often, it can be as simple as extending the pattern you already have once the JS loads.

Building a newbie friendly codebase

Make your codebase easy for everyone to get acquainted with

When women make headlines

A visual essay about the (mis)representation of women in the news

Evergreen Doesn't mean immediately available

There isn’t a single, specific device, browser, and person we cater to when creating a web experience. Websites and web apps need to adapt to a near-infinite combination of these circumstances to be effective. This adaptability is a large part of what makes the web such a successful medium.

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Edit Photo
A fully browser-based photo editor which has no annoying popups or signup or anything and just works on clicking the link.

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