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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had an amazing week. This week I got to build a keyboard for myself and I love everything about it. And this is also week 5 and I really love doing this so far

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The Hexagons and the Hexanots A well thought out opinion by Dave Rupert on Twitter's approach of using Hexagons for NFT profile pics.

The five levels of Hype A great way to measure new trends and popular stuff on the hype scale.

Make Free Stuff

When I first fell in love with the web, it was a radically different place. Aside from the many technical improvements that have been made, I feel like the general culture of the web has changed a lot as well.

This article truly captures the spirit of the web and how web doesn't need to be pay for this and pay for that and can be the good old beautiful place where people used to create stuff and share that for fun.

Emojis and cultural differences I never really thought of emojis this way heck I can't even manage to think of emojis when I'm typing a message but nevertheless this is a really interesting way of thinking about them and how our culture impacts the emojis that we all love.

The Web in 2036: Predictions on a Whim I love thinking about how things will evolve in our near future a future that hopefully all of us will get to see and when we reach there then we can look back and see the things we wrote now.

Trailing Slashes I never really thought whether you should end your URL's with a trailing slash or not but after reading this I'm amazed at how nuanced can a thing as straightforward as this can be.

Why Don't Developers Take Accessibility Seriously? While everyone can agree on usefulness of accessibility it's still the sad truth that most websites are still never built keeping accessibility in mind and in turn turn out to be heavily inaccessible. But have you ever wondered why is it so? Why and how does most website don't have this in built when this seems to be a necessity and not commodity

No Apple Did Not Crowdfund :focus-visible in Safari Safari recently added :focus-visible to its newest build and this was something that was built by Igalia by crowdfunding the feature and people were mad that why does world's most valuable company needs this so the answer is they didn't crowdfund the thing and while it may be debated why such a crucial feature was missing for so long it will be wrong to bash Apple for wrong reasons.

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