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Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful last week. I started working on my new personal website again and managed to reach a mini milestone of 400+ days streak of learning Spanish on Duolingo.

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Div Divisiveness

The <div> is the most versatile and used element in HTML. It represents nothing, while allowing developers to manipulate it into almost anything by use of CSS (for styling), JavaScript (for functionality) and ARIA (for accessibility information).

This blog goes into details on when using a <div> might make sense and when it should be avoided for better things

What's new in CSS3
So many good things have come up since CSS3 became a thing and if you haven't been focusing on every shiny new thing that have come in recent times then you should definitely check this out

Are we punishing our top performers
Often we see that people who are good at their job are more often than not handed a lot more work because apparently they are good at it and can do more but is this not a punishment for being good at their jobs?

A Quick History of Digital Communication Before the Internet
Have you ever wondered how people used to communicate things before internet became a thing? Well, here is a quick little history lesson for you all.

The Computer Built to Last 50 Years
Can you imagine what it takes to build a computer that will last 50 years considering the fact that the first personal computer isn't even 50 years old, and we have come so far that we have much more powerful computers fitted in our smartwatches?

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Lite YouTube Embed
A neat little web component to neatly load YouTube videos in your site and making your website lighter and faster

What were the hottest Front-End Tools in 2021
So many great tools in this list that came out in 2021

Clay CSS
A neat little CSS Framework to bring some joy and playfulness in your websites.

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