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Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great and warm week! I'm done with all the cold 🥶 and hopefully next week will have some sun ☀️. Moreover, I tried a fun experiment of using Twitter without all the numbers(like, comment, followers, following, etc.) and to my surprise it was a much better twitter experience. If you also want to try it out, then I will recommend checking Minimal Twitter.

📚 To Read

Case Study: lynnandtonic.com 2021 refresh
Lynn is back with another wonderful website and a good case study on that

Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder
A great blog from Charity which explained so many of my doubts about how I should approach my own career progression.

The business of hype
These days, everything hype, and the hype now has evolved into its own business model.

Media Queries with display-mode
This is something new that I learned this week, and if you've been working with PWAs, then you should definitely check it out.

Chesterton's Fence: A lesson in Second Order Thinking

A core component of making great decisions is understanding the rationale behind previous decisions. If we don’t understand how we got “here,” we run the risk of making things much worse.

This is something I've learned the hard way after messing up so bad that I've no other place to move but to turn back and restart from scratch. Because I kept breaking things, I didn't understand until the moment I had no other option but to turn back and start from scratch.

Web 3 First Impressions
If you're anything like me and always keep wondering what the heck is web3 and all the NFTs and stuff, then this is probably the most detailed explanation you can find about the stuff.

CSS in 2022
If you're also excited about the developments in CSS, then you should certainly check this one out. I'm really excited about the time when Container Queries become mainstream.

Defaults Matter
Jason is spot on with this one and while we realize it or not setting good defaults in life or at work will make things much smoother and the output will be much better with less effort.

🔭 To Explore

Make sure to check this one out and do not forget to resize your browser window

☑️ To Do

State of JS
State of JS 2021 survey is out now and if you haven't filled it already, then you should explore. Looking forward to seeing the wonderful graphs that are going to come out with the results.

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