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Hello Everyone,

This week was good for me. I learned about POSSE, and I’m in love with the concept, and I’m really interested in doing one for myself, so if you’ve heard about it or seen anything similar, then do send me recommendations.

📚 To Read

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2021
2021 is done and dusted now, and while so many terrible things have happened in the past couple of years. There is still so many great things that happened during that time, and this is a post about good things that happened in the past year.

Everyone Should Blog
More and more people should start blogging. I love how people who have been doing this have massive archives that they can look back and be proud of their journey.

Start at the beginning: the importance of learning the basics
This can't get any clearer than this. I, personally, have always recommended people about getting better at the basics and then pickup frameworks, and this does an impressive job at doing that. There are some great links also which you should definitely check out if you're just getting started.

The state of mobile first and desktop first
Are you making your websites mobile first or desktop first. This one goes into details of pros and cons of each approach and how you might improve your approach.

The Optional Chaining Operator, “Modern” Browsers, and My Mom
This one is a lesson for all of us developers(including me) who think that the users will only use the latest and shiniest thing in the store. If you've a public facing website, then you should always try to cover as many users as possible. Because your users may or may not be tech-savvy and a lot of time they fill stupid and blame themselves while it wasn't even their mistake.

🔭 To explore

HTML5 Kitchen Sink
A starter HTML5 boilerplate where you can test your base styles.

The Most Hearted of 2021
This one is a complete delight from CodePen. Each pen in this list is amazing and if you like me are excited when you see wonderful things done on web then you're definitely going to love this.

A new Container Query Polyfill that just works
Really looking forward to this becoming a mainstream thing. I'm pumped up to see that we finally have something that we can just plug and play and everything will work.

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