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Hello everyone,

Happy 2022 to everyone who has made this so far. Hopefully, you'll be doing great and are committed to your new year resolutions so far. I, am also trying to do something similar and also adding my New Year resolutions for accountability reasons. So with all this, happy new year again and here we go….

📚 To Read

For the love of the web

Another wonderful piece from Jim Nielsen explaining why they aren’t interested in Web3 Tech as they were during Web1 and Web2.

Personalize it

A great article from Una in CSS Tricks’s amazing series of 2021 End of year thoughts where they asked What is one thing that people can do to make their websites better?

Add Less

This is one advice from Cassidy that you can always follow irrespective of the project that you’re working on

How did LastPass master passwords get compromised?

In case you’ve been putting your faith in LastPass for managing your passwords, then you should go through the blog.

📆 Some Year in Reviews

Dave Rupert’s - Twenty Twenty One

Remy Sharp’s - My 2021

Tom Hirst’s - 2021 A Year in Review

Una Kravet’s - 2021 in Review

Julia Evans’s - 2021 in Review

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